Saturday, March 26, 2011


Currently busy and not in the mood to blog.

Don't wanna blog something which is forceful.

Waiting for the feel to be back.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sorry for not updating my blog. It's been a while since I last updated.

Have been increasingly busy over the past week. Exam, assignment, quiz... Everything just stole my precious time. =(

Results aren't that good as what I have expected. But nevermind, I haven really put much effort on as the more you invest your time on something, the higher will be the reward be.

The world is fair, as long you sacrifice a little bits of this for that, then you'll see improvement. Believe me. =)

Last but not least, my very own good friend, Kelvin Ooi! Is back from National Service. Woops... Miss him out for the past 3 months & now my semester is getting tougher and tougher.

Time flies. So fast it's already gonna be the end of March. I can foresee the end of June so near. Better don't waste your time guys! It's not worth it.

The first lie a boyfriend told to his girlfriend is that "he will never ever lie her."

Peace ^^V


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Seeking for perfection.

Being perfect is what most people trying everyday.
It's very impossible to be perfect in every aspect and people are still trying to be perfect everyday.
Although is something impossible it's not use being perfect but I'm just one of them.
The adventure and route towards it is painful and nevertheless awful.
It just brings despair to yourself and all you get is just satisfaction of temporarily.
It drives you insane all the time and it shows the inner wild of you.
And this is a very nice story which is shown in a movie below:I rate this movie 10/10.

This movie really defines a person. If you don't really understand about this movie. Please watch it twice. The movie is so perfect that every moment plays an important role in the movie. That's how the main actress got the Oscar award.

I guess one day, I'll end up just like her. Haha.

"You may be dreaming about going on an incredible adventure, and could grow so confident that for a moment you actually believe that anything is possible. Unfortunately, something unexpected will remind you that you're not as free as you think. Don't let yourself wallow in your own discouragement. Scale back your vision to a more pragmatic level before setting off in search of the impossible dream. "


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sick ;(

Hi guys!
I'm currently loving my college life.
Feeling that I'm committed and being more responsible for my life.

Class is awesome!
It's getting more & more competitive.
I just couldn't stop & stare and not doing anything.
Simply couldn't afford to lose out when your class is so competitive.
This drives me to concentrate more during the class.

Besides, I also getting to enjoy it when I have bunch of friends
the same college as I am.
This makes my college life not that bored after all.
Exam is up every week & I simply love it. <3!!!

I'm damn sick right now.
Feel like just pass away now and give up everything.
Still need wake up and watch

Currently watching Top Gear Season 16.
I <3 Jeremy Clarkson!

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quenching for More.

Sorry for not updating my blog for quite amount of days.
I'm packed with class test on Wednesday and Thursday.
Then I got training on Friday and Saturday was an awful day.

I watch this move on Friday with Vincent, Zhu Zhen and Ryan.
Ryan was late and we missed the starting of the story.
The plot is not that good eventually.
The action was okay.
Overall = 6/10.

Before entering the cinema. GSC is ongoing a survey of popcorn A and popcorn B.
So I went to do the survey on that two bucket of popcorn.
All I need to do is to taste which popcorn taste better and I'll get it free.
At first, I thought it's a con job.
But... I got it after the survey. Haha!
& 1/4 of the popcorn spilt during the movie.
I guess there's nothing free in this world. LOL!
Pepsi colorway.
I'm still a Sala fan. <3

I bought this shoe on friday in The Gardens. This is because I can get 30% discount for it.
Not gonna share more info about it.

Tried it out today and it's really awesome.
I'll discourage futsal players to buy so that I can be the only guy that wears it.
Competition is up next on March 6.
May God be with me.

Weekend isn't as fun as I thought because I'll be having Law test on Monday.

There are few songs I would love you guys to listen:
The Wanted - All Time Low
Auburn - All About Him.

Action is the real measure of intelligence.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You're out!

And Yes! I'm out...

I seriously can't bear this type of treatment from you.
It's simply ridiculous.

Hands up! Fine... I'll be the culprit. Happy?
Neglecting ones question nor answering shows that the person
is not important to you
you just doesn't respect him.

That's what my dad always tells me about.
As a human, you got so many choices and pathway to choose.
If ones doesn't stop and wait for you,
just forget about it and move on.

A lot of time...
It isn't up to you to decide.
Whether they're poor or rich, famous or infamous.
Those are their own business.
We couldn't just pace up and follow everyone's footstep.
It will end up suffering and suffocating yourself.
Everyone has their own life and adventure to live.
Need not bother so much.

If you're on competition with others everyday.
You're just finding shit for yourself.
Dirtying yourself for a priceless award.
What if you won or humiliate that person?
Does it change the world?
The most, is that the specific person will just be
miserable and disappear from your eyesight.
You get satisfaction from that?

"Life is like living in a bus.
You are the bus driver.
You pick people up into your bus, and they become your friends.
At one point of life,
they will get down of the bus to another destination.
Do you lose them?
You've got a choice to make.
To either keep in touch.. or.. leave and go.
You choose."

credits-Liaw Shin Wei [Kristine]


Monday, February 21, 2011

What is life?

I stay home then I'm known as lifeless.
I go for nightlife and I'm also known as lifeless.
I go futsal 3 times a week then I'm known as lifeless.
I go chat & lepak around and this is also known as lifeless.

So... define for me what life is all about?
How to make it more meaningful and interesting?

Haha... This is definitely not a emo post. So~ don't laugh =)

In a scorn of nature, art gave lifeless life.